Market Entry

Market Entry

Vietnam Shipbuilding Consulting & Trade Promotion Ltd. is in cooperation with the German AHPI ( to support Vietnamese entrepreneurs to enter the German and European markets.

In addition, we also have cooperation with OGI Service in USA, Industrial Bay in Canada and other international partners... with whom we work to promote the capability and products of Vietnamese companies to the global market.

In the same manner, we are in a good position to provide supports for our international partners to search for and work with their most appropriate Vietnamese counterpartners.

Local Agency Service:

We help you optimize! With less cost and higher efficiency, we can act as your local agent here in Vietnam and provide you with the necessary information you need, connect you to the best local suppliers, represent you on initial visits, and do the due diligence, before you actually come to meet your local clients/partners. We also help to arrange your visit and video conference, providing good translation English – Vietnamese!

Vietnam Market Information:

We can provide you with a correct understanding of the market for your product in Vietnam.

We can also provide information about your potential customers and about the best local way to handle topics in relation to the authorities and regulations. We are the local people and thus have the best understanding about our culture and country.

Inspection service on spot:

Need someone on spot to check and verify your ordered products? We can provide the professional inspection service by qualified inspectors, who are in our network!



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  • No.5 - Subdivision 38 - Zone 4 - Ha Khau Ward - Halong City - Quang Ninh Province - Vietnam
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  • Whatsapp: +84 98 673 45 56
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